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Group Classes

Moppetto Saber

Mon 4-5 PM
Age: 7-9

This class is meant for very young children interested in the sport of fencing. Students are engaged to learn the basics of the sport through games and fun activities. Plastic masks and plastic sabers are used for bouting, instead of classic fencing gear.

Beginners Saber Kids

Mon & Wed 4-5 PM, Sat 9-10 AM
Age: 8-12
$175/mon. 1 x week
$205/mon. 2 x week
$235/mon. 3 x week

This class teaches the following fencing concepts: basic position, salute and lounging; target and right of way; basic attacks and defense (I & II) and elementary footwork.



Intermediate Saber Kids

Mon & Wed 5-6 PM
Age: 10-14
Sat 9-10 AM
$175/mon. 1 x week
$205/mon. 2 x  week
$235/mon. 3 x week

This class continues with the fencing concepts: basic attacks and defense (III, IV & V), bouting drills and rules of the strip. At this level students are required to own electric equipment. Students interested to compete in local tournaments need at least one private lesson a month in addition to the class.

Intro Saber Adults

Tue 7-8 PM
Age: teen – late bloomer

This class is meant for anybody novice to the sport. The class will start with a brief history of the sport, the difference between the weapons used in fencing, description of uniform and protective gear, fencing etiquette and basic position. The class will emphasize on fundamentals of the sport and rules of the strip. All rental protective gear is provided in the cost of the class.



Recreational Saber

Wed 7-8 PM

This ongoing class gives recreational fencers the opportunity to receive group fencing instructions and supervised fencing bouts. Students get to enjoy the sport and benefit from a great fitness workout. The last Wednesday of the month is dedicated to mini fencing tournaments which will alternate between individual and team events each month. Personal electric gear is required for bouting.

Competitive Junior Program

Tue & Thu 4:30-5 PM
Sat 11-12:30 PM
Age: 13-18

A program for the competitive athlete. The focus of the class is endurance, speed, agility and technique. Students in this class range from national and international level to local Scholastic competitors or independent physical education high school students. The ultimate goal of the Junior Program graduate is NCAA fencing.

  • Recreational Classes

  • 1x Week

  • $90

  • 2x Week

  • $120

  • 3x Week

  • $150

  • Competitive Classes

  • Monthly

  • $165

  • Quarterly

  • $480

  • Yearly

  • $1,800