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AGFC offers two types of fencing camps: competitive training and recreational camps.

2018 Summer Nationals Prep Camp

Jessica_Standing_2014_01_04__11h25 Avant-Garde Fencers Club offers an elite training camp for competitive fencers seeking to sharpen their skills. In addition to physical, tactical and technical training, campers will benefit from sports psychology sessions. This camp is geared towards fencers ready to take the next step in their fencing career.

Level: advanced & intermediate
Age Group: born 2005 or earlier
Required: full electric gear
Session: Jun 18 – 22
Schedule: 9 am to 3 pm

What else is needed:
Additional T-shirt every day to change after practice
Optional water bottle or sports drink
Bring lunch or purchase during lunch break

2018 Recreational Summer Camp

KidInMaskWithSaber_2014_01_04__11h22 This is a fun summer camp away from the blazing hot summer of California. The program is designed to teach coordination, discipline and sportsmanship through lots of fun activities while introducing campers to a great Olympic and NCAA sport.

Level: novice & beginner
Age Group: 7 – 14
Workout Attire: athletic clothing and tennis shoes
Fencing Attire: mask, glove, jacket
Lunch: bring own or order from Jackie’s Bakery
Schedule: 9 am to 3 pm

2018 Sessions:
Jun 11 – 15 closed
Jun 25 – 29 closed
Jul  9 – 13 closed
Jul 23 – 27 canceled
Aug  6 – 10 open


Photography by Jennifer Biagiotti