2209 Barry Avenue • West Los Angeles • CA 90064 310 473 8890 info@avantgarde.laMon – Thu 3pm – 9pm | Fri 3pm – 6pm | Sat 8:30am – 3:30pm

As the premier private fencing facility in West Los Angeles, Avant-Garde Fencers Club is the place where elite coaches and the saber community are based for ultimate training. Joining our club is simple: just choose a program that best fits your fencing needs. To refine your technique and improve your endurance add classes or private lessons taught by our fencing masters. AGFC members benefit of a variety of activities during the year including in house tournaments and special events.




Group Classes

AGFC offers ongoing classes. New students are welcome to join anytime during the year.


Individual bookings

Age: 7 – teenage
Intro package from $275

Mon 4-5 PM
Wed 4-5 PM
Fri 4-5 PM

Age: 8-10

1 x week $195/mon
2 x week $235/mon

Mon 4-5 PM
Wed 4-5 PM
Sat 1:30-2:30 PM

Age: 11-13

2 x week $235/mon
3 x week $270/mon

Mon 6-7 PM
Wed 6-7 PM
Sat 9-10 AM

Age: 10-14

2 x week $235/mon
3 x week $270/mon

Tue 4:30-6 PM
Thu 4:30-6 PM
Sat 11-12:30 PM

Age: 13-18


Wed 7:30-8:30 PM

Age: teen – late bloomer
$60/drop in class
$40/try out class

Private Fencing Lessons

Fencing is an individual sport that requires one on one instructions.



Post-workout assisted stretching routines improve flexibility and performance.




AGFC offers a variety of membership levels:

Guest Pass: $20
Includes one day club fees, open fencing practice and classic equipment rental

Monthly Membership: $95
Allows discount for: family members, prepaid lessons, tournaments and camps.

Quarterly Membership: $260
All of the monthly benefits plus boutique discount.

Club Patron: $950
Benefits of all the services plus VIP pass to special events.