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2010 Summer Camps

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Advanced Level: Summer Nationals Prep Camp
Fencers planning to compete at the 2010 Summer National Championships in Atlanta, Georgia, would not want to miss out on this intensive training camp. The camp consists of 8 days of high level preparation and will culminate with a tournament. This camp is also recommended for athletes planning to start competing in the upcoming 2010-2011 season.
Session 1: June 21 – June 25
Session 2: June 28 – July 1

Advanced Level: International Camp with Fencing Master Vilmos Szabo
AGFC is honored to have guest coach Vilmos Szabo, saber national coach of Germany, teach a two weeks camp this summer in our facility. Maestro Szabo, a former Olympian of Romania, has numerous outstanding results in his athletic, as well as coaching careers. Currently his student Nicolas Limbach is ranked number 1 saber fencer in the world, and his own son, Matyas Szabo, has just won the world championship title together with the German junior team at the 2010 Junior Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan. Matyas will also honor us with his presence at camp.
Session 1: July 26 – July 30
Session 2: August 2 – August 6

Beginner Level: Intro to Saber
Stay cool this summer while in a high-tech air-conditioned gym and discover the wonderful sport of fencing. Learn coordination, discipline and sportsmanship in a sport that earned the US team 6 medals at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. Whether for fun, for competition or for a possible college scholarship, fencing can be enjoyed all year long as an indoor sport.
Session 1: July 12 – July 16
Session 2: August 16 – August 21

Beginner Level: Intermediate Saber Camp
This camp is meant for the youngest competitive or recreational fencer. Campers will develop proficiency in footwork, drills and fencing bouts. Fencing games and mini tournaments will be the highlights of these fun sessions.
Session 1: July 12 – July 16
Session 2: August 16 – August 21

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